February 2022

Classmates Welcome to our Class of 1971 Website!

Last year was a special year for all of us as we celebrated our 50th Reunion 30 Sept-4 October. It was a wonderful time for so many of us to be back together in Annapolis where stories old were told once again.

Our class has demonstrated a long-term relationship as we continue to stay in touch with our company-mates, teammates, wives, and special friends within the class. We share good news and sad news as we grow a little older and pay our respects and farewells to those who have gone before us.

Our Class Officers and Board of Trustees and Class Webmaster continue to serve you and ensure that we always remain firm in our 1967 Plebe summer mantra – Ship (USNA), Shipmate (each other), Self. We serve and lead in accordance with our Class of ’71 Mission and By-Laws. I am so proud of these 24 classmates that continue to volunteer their time, wisdom, and sound advice on how we operate as a functioning body to support our Alma Mater and the Brigade of Midshipmen.

This website is designed to keep you up to date on our class and to ensure that you are able to know what is going on now as well as information on our 2017-2021 Another Link in the Chain, 2021 50th Reunion, and archived Shipmate Columns.

Stay healthy, stay close and Duces Virum!

Perry Martini President