Class Officers and Board of Trustees – 1 May 2023

Last Name First Name Company
President - Martini Perry 9
Vice-President - Bryant Jim 20
Treasurer - Laws David 14
Secretary - Longworth Duke 36
Board of Trustees Below
See Info about Officers / Trustees at end: Article IV - Class By-Laws.
Ayers Steve 16
Capra Bob 14
Culberston Frank 15
de Vos Peter 16
Dmetruk Steve 26
Doyle Pat 23
Gross Tom 23
Hallahan Mike 23
Havenstein Walt 14
Hecomovich Mike 5
Hergenroeder Jim 23
Hoover Bill 11
Hammons Tom 34
Laboon Tom 18
Ledvina Tom 18
Miller Dave 7
Morris John T. 9
Pelstring Steve 8
Ptak Alan 3
Wagoner Bob 17
Williams Bill 14
Young Cass 11
Young Roger 14
Webmaster - Williams Phil 28

As per our approved Class By-Laws
Article IV

The term of office for Class Officers shall normally begin on January 1 of the year following a decennial reunion and end on December 31 of the year following the next decennial reunion. Trustees will serve in the same manner and be appointed by the new class officers. Class officer elections will be held in 2011, 2021, etc. Trustees will be appointed or re-appointed at the January Class Officer meeting held in 2012, 2022 etc.

Trustee: Trustees, as appointed by the Class Officers, will form the Board. There will be up to 20 trustees appointed for up to ten-year terms, who will act as an advisory board for the Class Officers regarding major decisions that affect the Class of 1971. Trustees will be called upon by the President to chair established standing committees and be expected to either chair or be a member of at least one of these standing committees. Trustees will be appointed based on their active participation in Class of 1971 activities and by virtue of their contributions to the mission of the Class of 1971 Alumni Association.